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Nice to meet you! My name is Johnny. I’m a [serious] hobbyist photographer from St. Louis, Missouri. Lets make something great together!

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My portfolio includes a variety of examples of my work over the years. I strive to continue to try new styles and new methods of capturing the personality of my subject. I'm also quite fond of the human body - in the sense that it can be abstracted from the whole and presented in such a variety of forms. This subject matter is what I like to call "human architecture". I have larger galleries available upon request.

Katie Marie
Portraits Katie Marie 2023
The Coven
Portraits The Coven 2022
Ariel Sedona
Portraits Ariel Sedona 2021
Portraits X-Tine 2008
Talia Gamble
Bodyscapes Talia Gamble 2019
Emerald Lake 2020
Places Emeral Lake, Rocky Mountains 2020
Love Darkly
Bodyscapes Love Darkly 2018
Megan Filth
Portraits Megan Filth 2009
Talia Gamble
Bodyscapes Talia Gamble 2019
Mount Charleston
Places Mount Charleston, Las Vegas 2018
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